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Interesting QSA & WW1 Pair to Stevens.

A Queens South Africa medal for active service in the 2nd anglo boer war, correctly named to 3450 3rd Class Trooper George. W. Stevens of the South African Constabulary; with Cape Colony, Orange Free State and Transvaal Clasps.
WW1 British war and Victory medal pair, correctly named to; M2/034259 Serjeant George W Stevens of the Army Service Corps.
George W Stevens was born in London on 4th April 1879 and possibly travelled to South Africa under his own steam. He first served with the Warrens Mounted Infantry in South Africa, probably in the Cape Colony. Warren’s mounted infantry were stationed in the Cape colony in the April of 1901. There principle roll was to pursue scattered Boer Commandos and take prisoners. There is not too much information on this very small regiment formed by Lieutenant Colonel F. J. Warren in December 1900. It seems that the regiment was all but disbanded by the end of 1901 and its personnel scattered amongst other regiments, which is probably how Stevens was enlisted in to the South African Constabulary on 30th March 1901. He stayed in South African Constabulary until 1904 when he was discharged and received boat passage home. When he returned home it looks like he became a Domestic Chauffeur and married Nellie. It is more than likely he drove a motor vehicle in domestic service, so during the great war, he was drafted into the Army Service Corps M2 working in a Mechanical Transport unit, and as he had experience with motors and army service he was soon promoted to a Serjeant and served overseas.
There is one aspect I cannot tie down, and that is, on his medal index card, it clearly states that he Died. I cannot find his name on the Commonwealth war graves or Soldiers died in the greats war.
I can assume he was discharged or just before he was finally discharged, he died from the influenza epidemic that was rife at the time.
There are 2 George W Stevens who resided in London, who died from influenza while still serving in the army and who died and buried at home. One at the December of 1918 and the other in the march of 1919. So this is difficult to confirm.
So an interesting lot to a man who was obviously a skilled driver and machinic.

Code: 22788Price: 220.00 GBP

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Royal Navy LS&GC Medal QEII.

An original era miniature Naval long service and good conduct medal, made of sterling silver and being the QEII issue.
It is in lovely condition and on its original ribbon.

Code: 22787Price: 12.00 GBP

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Massive Vintage American Bowie Knife & Sheath.

A substantial vintage American Bowie Knife. It has a long polished stag horn grip, which is has bolts running through the tang.
The massive steel blade has no makers mark, but it is a very fine and well-made blade, measuring 11.5 inches long. It all fits snugly in a beautiful hand-made leather sheath, this has been embellished with native American beadwork. The whole piece comes in perfect condition and it measures a total of 21 inches long in its sheath.
Ship to UK only
Age required on purchase.

Code: 22786Price: 180.00 GBP

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1909 Indian General Service Medal Geo V. NWF Clasp.

A good King George V 1908-1935 IGM with Afghanistan North West Frontier 1919 clasp. It is correctly named to; 1908 Sowar. Mohd Yaseen Khan. 12 Cavy. It comes in very good original condition and on its original ribbon.

Code: 22785Price: 65.00 GBP

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Remington Rolling Block Rifle – Vintage Replica.

The Remington Rolling Block rifle was a breech-loading rifle produced from the mid-1860s into the early 20th century by E. Remington and Sons (later Remington Arms Company). The action was extremely strong, and could easily withstand the increased pressure of the new smokeless powders coming into use by the late 1880s. It was used by many countries as their main service rifle, including Norway and Sweden.
This is a very good replica, made of heavy gauge metal with an all wood stock. It cocks, the breech block rolls and dry fires.
It is in very good condition and could be made to look exactly like the real thing with a bit of polish. It only has one small fault, in that the foresight has been repaired at some time, but this has been done nicely with a bit of brass, so it looks original, but I am sure it is not.
A great wall hanger or a good piece for the re-enactor. It measures 44 inches long.
Ship to UK only.

Code: 22784Price: 120.00 GBP

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Royal Army Veterinary Corps Cap Badge.

A good bi-metal badge dating from the inter war period. The Army veterinary corps received the honour of ‘Royal’ in 1918 so this new style of badge was issued. It was used until 1957, the Kings crown was replaced by the Queens crown in 1953.
This badge is in excellent original condition, showing little or no wear.
Ref. Y1

Code: 22783Price: 10.00 GBP

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16th Queens Royal Lancers Cap Badge.

A top quality bi-metal badge, this one is the Queens crown version which was not issued until 1958. In superb condition, you wont find a better original example.
Ref. Y2

Code: 22782Price: 10.00 GBP

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WW1 European Air Force Pilots Wings Pin.

A very pretty and well bade gold coloured pin, featuring a European crown above a pair of wings with a propeller to the centre. I’m not sure which country it comes from as much the same crown was used by several different countries. It is made from a gold coloured metal; I have tested it and it tests at around 14ct, but as this piece is so small, I didn’t file any of the metal, so it may be a thick gold plate. It is also set with 4 small green bright cut stones, these are probably something like green peridot or similar. A beautiful little pilots pin dating from the WW1 era, measuring 0.75 inches wide and just over 2 inches long including the pin.

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19th Century Pin Fire Pocket Revolver.

A lovely little, probably Belgian, Pin Fire revolver. This one is in excellent overall condition, retaining nearly all of its original nickel finnish. It has a good pair of hard wood grips and a folding trigger, so it would fit neatly in the overcoat pocket.
However it dose has a little problem that needs attention. It feels like the trigger spring is broken, it cocks and the hammer feels under tention, but it does not lock. This, I’m sure will be an easy fix, as original or patten parts for these little guns are easy to find. it also has a working bullet ejector and loading cover, which will not open until the trigger is folded up, a built in safety feature.
It is very well marked with various proof marks, please see pictures, and it does not require a deactivation certificate as it is an obsolete calibre.
A super little piece, good enough for the cabinet. It measures 6.25 inches long.

Code: 22780Price: 120.00 GBP

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Scarce Somerset Light Infantry VB Shoulder Title.

Worn by the volunteer battalion, this brass shoulder dates from around the WW1 era and comes in very good original condition.
Ref. Y3

Code: 22778Price: 12.00 GBP

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