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Scarce 1924 Alvin Keech Signed Banjulele with Case

Scarce 1924 Alvin Keech Signed Banjulele with Case
One for the music lovers, here is a 1924 dated and signed Alvin Keech Banjulele, below is a brief history of the instrument. This is the model A and the patent number has /24 for the year, it is signed on the back and comes with its original carrying case. The general condition is good shows signs of wear and use, the skin has a hole in it so the piece will need restoration, they retail p to 150 online so priced for the restorer. Measures 22 inches long and the case is 22.5.

A banjulele is a cross between a ukulele and a banjo.
It is reported that Alvin Keech invented the instrument and name in 1917.
Players of ukuleles in the music halls wanted more volume but wanted the ease ofplaying with an ukukele hence the banjulele was born
Early Keech banjuleles date from 1917 to 1930 and generally were manufactured in
three models, A, B and C. A was the base model and C was the top model.
Generally Keech banjuleles have the model and serial number stamped into the
heel of the neck and the last digit of the patent number on the tuning peg section
denotes the year e.g. 219720/2 is 1922.

Code: 22826Price: 85.00 GBP

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Rare Victorian Gothic Table Fan.

These are rare now and a few years ago when the antique market was buoyant, this was a valuable piece. Dating from the 1840s/50s this is a concealed table fan. As it is a decorative ornament made of bronze and decorated with a whole host of gothic symbolism. Arches, columns and acanthus. The top unscrews and the delicate silk fan pulls out. This just fits into the top, there should be a small screw, which secures the fan in place, but this is missing, but it still works. Today, its a very interesting novelty thats a great talking point. it measures 8.5 inches high.

Code: 22825Price: 15.00 GBP

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Scarce Vintage Tudor Mint Solid Pewter Barge

I cant find an example of this type of barge anywhere, it was made by the Tudor Mint of Birmingham and the barge is called Ruby, as it shows the Tudor Mint logo so prominently on the side I think it might have been an advertising piece perhaps for a shop. It is solid pewter and very heavy, well detailed it has a driver and a man on the bank with a horse, it measures 9.75 inches long.

Code: 22824Price: 22.00 GBP

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Victorian Silver & Turquoise Stick Pin.

Originally a gents piece, probably worn on the lapel. Now it would look good as a ladies stick pin or gents tie pin etc, many uses.
It is in the shape of a cross and when put through the garment, it looks like the bottom of the cross is coming out the other side. It is made of sterling silver (tested) and set with 16 Turquoise cabochons of various sizes.
A lovely little piece of Victorian dress jewellery in good wearable condition, measuring 2.75 inches long.

Code: 22823Price: 10.00 GBP

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Pretty Vintage Hallmarked Silver Bangle Chester 1955

A well marked and very good quality silver bangle, it carries a full set of hallmarks for Chester 1955 and with a makers mark which is partially worn, the front has been decorated with a running pattern in a floral manner. It comes in good condition but has one ding near the catch. It would fit a medium sized wrist and is fitted with a safety chain.

Code: 22822Price: 15.00 GBP

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Super Quality Boxed Edwin Blyde Celtic Collection Pewter Hip Flask

This would make a great present or even for daily use, this new and boxed pewter hip flask in the Celtic design was retailed by Edwin Blyde & Co Ltd of Sheffield, it measures just under 5 inches long and comes with its original leaflet.

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Early 19th Century Iron Sugar Loaf Cutters

Below is a nice potted history for lump sugar and this type of loaf cutters, apart from some surface rust spots they come in excellent condition and measure 9 inches long.
Until Victorian inventors figured out a way to get sugar to the grocer's shop in ready-to-use granulated form, it was always transported in large cone-shaped sugar loaves. Households could buy a whole sugar loaf or a lump broken off and sold by weight. But then what? How did people prepare it for kitchen and dining table? Sugar nippers were an important part of the answer. Sugar nippers were basic household tools, but before using them you would probably cut the hard whitish cone into smaller chunks with a hammer and chisel. The nippers were sometimes on a stand so you could put all your strength into forcing the cutting blades through the pieces of sugar-loaf. If they had no stand, the better ones had a piece that stuck out at right angles and was used to steady the sugar nippers against the edge of the kitchen table, while you gripped and squeezed.

Code: 22820Price: 10.00 GBP

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Pre Colonial Indian Silver Coin.

A large chunk of high-grade silver, probably dating from the 18th century and originating from a pre-colonial Indian state. On one side, it shows the Taj Mahal on one side and a mass of old Indian scrip, which is quite beautiful. I have had this coin for years, never found out what it is, but it is the size of an 18th C Rupee. It is in very good condition, slight wear to the surface, but nothing is obscured.
It measures just under 1.5 inches in diameter.

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1915 George V Silver Shilling.

A 1915 one shilling piece, in VF condition.

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Sterling Silver & Amethyst Heart Bracelet.

A substantial 9.25 sterling silver bracelet set with six large heart shaped amethysts set into silver heart mounts. Held on the wrist by a T bar type fastener; it can be shortened on the wrist by putting the T bar through the round links to fit.
Brand new, stamped 9.25 on the back. It comes in perfect condition and in a pretty gift box.
It measures 8.75 inches long.

Code: 22817Price: 22.00 GBP

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